Private Pilot Certificate

Private pilots make up the vast majority of certified pilots. The rules are fairly straight forward. An individual must be at least 17 years old, complete a minimum of 40 hours of flight time (at least 20 hours instruction, and 10 hours solo). However, there is an accelerated program which permits a minimum of 35 hours if you complete your training at an FAA Part 141 Certified Flight School (which Eagle Aircraft is). A Private Pilot may also carry passengers, but cannot fly for hire. Private Pilots must pass a Class III medical which must be renewed every 24-60 months, contingent upon age. The private pilot’s license must be revalidated every 24 months via review with a certified flight instructor (CFI).

Instrument Pilot Certificate

The Instrument Pilot Certificate allows a Private Pilot to fly through clouds, and around weather. As a Part 141 School, we can finish your Instrument Rating in 35 hours. We are also permitted to complete 14 of those hours on our full-motion DCX-MAX simulator. Using the sim is a huge savings in time and money for our students. The rest of the hours are flown in a Cessna 172 G1000 aircraft. You will work with a CFII at our facility. Northwest Indiana weather usually gives you the opportunity to log some “actual” time.  We can also do the Part 61 Instrument rating but do not advise it as there is so much more cross country time involved.

 Commercial Pilot Program

Interested in Aviation as a career? Our Commercial Pilot Instruction Program is perfect for you.  Call us for further details and a special pricing estimate.

The special pricing is based on a discounted aircraft rate for prepayment of course in advance and upon the student flying at least 2 to 3 times per week. Actual completion times may vary per applicant. This course is for full-time students.

Part 141 training requires you to have 120 hours for your Commercial Rating. Part 61 requires 250 hours.

Any additional time that is needed to fulfill prerequisites will be at prepaid discount rates. Students will be responsible for all training costs incurred as well as costs for any items purchased. If you are under 6″ and under 165# you might be able to use the Cessna 150 for your training. This saves the student several thousand dollars.


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