Pilot Certifications

Sport Pilot Certificate

If you’re looking for some major fun, a sport pilot license may be for you. Flying at low speeds (less than 100 mph), the sport pilot license does not require an FAA medical certificate to fly. A valid, state issued, driver’s license is enough proof to validate someone as a sport pilot candidate. The age limit is 17 years old, and you must have a minimum of 20 hours of flight time. The 20 hours of flight time is broken into 15 hours of training/instruction and 5 hours of solo flying.

Sport pilots are permitted to fly cross-country, but only during the day, and with only one passenger. They may not enter airspace controlled by ATC, without proper training and endorsement from their instructor.

Private Pilot Certificate

Private pilots make up the vast majority of certified pilots. The rules are fairly straight forward. An individual must be at least 17 years old, complete a minimum of 40 hours of flight time (at least 20 hours instruction, and 10 hours solo). However, there is an accelerated program which permits a minimum of 35 hours if you complete your training at an FAA Part 141 Certified Flight School (which Eagle Aircraft is). A Private Pilot may also carry passengers, but cannot fly for hire. Private Pilots must pass a Class III medical which must be renewed every 24-60 months, contingent upon age. The private pilot’s license must be revalidated every 24 months via review with a certified flight instructor (CFI).

 Commercial Pilot Instruction Program

Interested in Aviation as a career? Our Commercial Pilot Instruction Program (CPIP) is perfect for you.  Call us for further details and a special pricing estimate.

The special pricing is based on a discounted aircraft rate for prepayment of course in advance and upon the student flying at least 2 to 3 times per week. Actual completion times may vary per applicant. This course is for full time students.

Any additional time that is needed to fulfill prerequisites will be at prepaid discount rates. Students will be responsible for all training costs incurred as well as costs for any items purchased.

*Due to the present cost of fuel the fuel surcharge has currently been removed. This will be adjusted according to the increase or decrease in fuel prices.

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