Customer Referral Program from Eagle Aircraft 

To accommodate all of our loyal customers who have enjoyed training or renting at Eagle Aircraft. We are announcing a new customer referral program to those who bring new customers to our flight school. Details including conditions and payment schedules can be found in this announcement.

Payment Schedule

This payment schedule is ruled by the conditions shown later in this document. Eagle Aircraft has tried its best to be as fair as possible in the establishment of these pay rates. Our Professional pilot’s program(s) is undertaken by very committed customers who pay quite a bit of money for these programs, so referral payments may be substantially higher.

All rates below are in U.S. dollars and may change at any time.

● Rental Customers: $50.00

● Single Certificate Customers: $100.00 

● Professional Pilot Program Customers (private-commercial): $600.00 (*1, *2) 

● Ground School Customers: $25.00

● Active Customer Credit, Add 10$ to payment amount (*3)

● Flight Currency Customers: $50.00 


To make sure that this program is handled fairly and consistently, the following rules and limitations are part of this new program.

▪ Eagle Aircraft reserves the right to change or cancel in part or in whole this new referral program.

▪ This program is for the referral of new customers only. A new customer is one who does not currently have a customer file or any current or past Schedule Pointe activity.

▪ Eagle Aircraft must be notified (phone call and necessary paperwork filled out) before the customer arrived at Eagle, signs up or requests information about any of our flight services or programs. Referrals are not retroactive.

▪ A referred customer may not claim that they referred the customer who referred them.

▪ Inactive customers (those customers who have not realized any Schedule Pointe activity for a period of 6 months or longer) will be paid by company check only. 

▪ International customers no longer with Eagle Aircraft will be paid via bank wires at the customer’s expense. 

▪ (*1) Those programs that are ‘multi-certificate’ programs will be paid at the completion of all certificates. If a customer ends their program pre-maturely, completed certificates will be paid at the single certificate rate.

▪ (*2) Those programs shown will be paid at the end of the customer’s studies and graduation.

▪ Only flight and ground training qualifies for this program. Simulator time or pilot supplies do not qualify. 

▪ A customer cannot refer an existing customer or themselves.

▪ A customer coming to Eagle cannot say that someone else referred them and expect that the ‘someone else’ will be paid. As previously stated, the person referring the customer must contact Eagle Aircraft before the referred customer contacts Eagle in any way.

▪ Existing contracts with service providers are not affected by this program unless indicated in writing to the current service provider. 

▪ Eagle Aircraft reserves the right to change or cancel any part of this program at any time. Current programs are found only on our website.

Eagle Aircraft tries it’s best to make flight and ground education as inexpensive, pleasant and safe as possible, and we hope that this program will encourage our happy customers to help spread the news about our company and it’s services.

Thank you,

John and Joy Slegers

Owners/Eagle Aircraft


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