Our Instructors

John Slegers - Owner

John Slegers - Owner

John has been flying for 25 years and has accumulated over 11,000 hours in charter flying and instruction of primary and advanced students. John is happier in the air than on the ground!

Greg Knapp (527x640)

Greg Knapp - ATP / CFII / MEI Flight Instructor

Greg Knapp - Chief Flight Instructor, Check Instructor CFII/MEI

Greg Knapp is a Captain with United Airlines and is currently flying the B-737. He has been with United for 23 years, 15 years based at O'Hare. Greg has been an instructor for 28 years and employed with Eagle as a check airman/instructor for 6 years. Instructor ratings include CFII, MEI, and is also ATP type rated in the B-737. Greg lives in Valpo with his wife Tracey of 30 years and their four children. Greg is a 1990 graduate of Liberty University and attends Calvary Bible Church in Valpo.

Keegan Starkey- CFII / MEI

Keegan Starkey-Chief Flight Instructor, Check Instructor/CFII /MEI

Keegan did all her flight training here at Eagle. She graduated from Liberty University with a B.S. in Aeronautics & a Minor in Business in 2017. She piloted Team #14 in the Air Race Classic Women's Air Race across the US with the Liberty University Team.  Keegan was an intern with United Airlines before coming back to Eagle Aircraft to flight instruct. She would like to be an airline pilot and a professor of aviation. Keegan is now over 2000 hours. She is our Safety Director and a Check Airman. Keegan is a GOLD SEAL INSTRUCTOR. In her free time, she is a worship leader for the youth group at American Reformed Church in DeMotte. Keegan is the current president of Eagle's Women In Aviation Flying Moraines Chapter and Vice Chair of the Indiana Dunes Chapter of the 99s.


Travis Johnson - CFII

Travis Johnson - CFII Flight Instructor/Check Instructor

Travis Johnson is a graduate of Purdue University. He has been instructing with Eagle for 5 years. He was also a Captain for our sister company Midwest Airlink's 135 Charter Service. Travis has well over 2500 hours. He is a Check Airman for Private through Commercial students.

Nathan Price - CFI

Nathan Price- CFI Flight Instructor 

Nathan is from Hampshire, IL. He trained at Eagle through his IFR, COMM, and CFI ratings. He is also a Liberty University student. Nathan works with Private and Commercial students.

John Sendra - CFII

John Sendra - CFII Flight Instructor

John is from Chicago, IL. He graduated from Lewis University with an Aviation Degree. He received his CFI & CFII here at Eagle. John is able to instruct Private, Commercial & Instrument students. John has over 1500 hours of flight time and is a GOLD SEAL INSTRUCTOR.

Joe Neumeyer - CFII/MEI

Joe Neumeyer- CFII/MEI Flight Instructor

Joe came through our 141 program. He is a Liberty University Graduate. Joe is able to instruct Private, Instrument, Commercial & Multi Engine students. He owns a Cherokee 180 with his father. Joe has over 1500 hours of flight time.




Jonathan Teresczenko-CFI Flight Instructor

Jonathan Teresczenko-CFI Flight Instructor

Jonathan Teresczenko is from the Chicago area. He is a graduate of Valparaiso University and has a B.S. in BioChem. Jonathan has always wanted to fly and fulfilled that dream after graduating from VU. He moved through his training quickly here at Eagle, making the 40 Hour Club for both PPL & IFR. Jonathan and his wife, Emily, live near the Bay City area. He is instructing Private & Commercial students and is currently working on his CFII.



Mark Nagle - CFII Flight Instructor

Mark Nagle - CFII Flight Instructor

Mark Nagle trained here at Eagle. He is a local here at KVPZ where he flies his own Cessna 182. He's been flying for about 4 years and has over 700 hours. Mark is able to instruct Private Pilot, Instrument and Commercial students. When he is not flying, Mark enjoys skydiving, golf, snow and water sports. Mark is a GOLD SEAL INSTRUCTOR.



Geoffrey Standfast CFI

Geoffrey Standfast CFIGeoff recently graduated from Liberty University in May 2020 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Aeronautics.  He began his flight training program with Eagle Aircraft in 2017 and, after moving to New Jersey with his family in 2018, finished his training with Gateway Aviation in Allentown, PA. He earned his ratings as a Commercial ASEL and AMEL instrument pilot and a CFI.  Geoff and his family recently returned to Indiana and he is excited to start his career as a CFI where he started flying - at Eagle Aircraft.  A husband, father of five, and a Marine Corps Officer, when Geoff is not flying, he and his family enjoy running or playing any outdoor sports.

Paul Vogel - CFII / MEI Flight Instructor

Paul Vogel - CFII / MEI Flight Instructor

Paul Vogel is a graduate of Purdue University and has been a Flight Instructor at Eagle Aircraft since 2005. Paul works with his family's business, Calumet Park Cemetery and enjoys playing/coaching rugby, hunting, fishing and teaching his students to fly.



Jamyn Simonik - CFII

Jamyn Simonik- CFII Flight Instructor
Jamyn is from LaPorte, Indiana.  She currently works full time as a CAD Specialist at a local landscape company.  Her husband David is a corporate pilot. They have a baby girl named Mallory. She started her training at LaPorte Airport in 1993 while in high school. She then went on to Indiana State for a Bachelors degree in Professional Aviation Flight Technology and finished all her training there. She has about 1500 hours of total time in various aircraft, predominately in Cessna 172s, Piper Warriors & Arrows. Jamyn has worked at Eagle Aircraft since 2001.  She was hired shortly after 9/11 and has been working there ever since. She did take a short jaunt to Alaska for about 3 years and moved back in 2006 coming straight back to Eagle Aircraft to instruct. She is most proud of the students she has taught and watching them grow in the field of aviation.  Some have moved on to airlines or corporate; while others just own airplanes and fly VFR to various places.  Her longtime goal in aviation is right where she is.  She loves teaching and having a family at the same time.  Since her husband has a crazy pilot schedule this is a way for her to continue to fly and have a good time doing it.



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