Student Docs

Private Pilot Requirements -Part 141

Instrument Pilot Requirements

Commercial Pilot Requirements -Part 141

Eagle Aircraft Operations Manual 2020



Study Guides

Every instructor uses these guides for the maneuvers you will learn. You can study these ahead of time to be ready for your lesson.


Private Pilot Maneuvers

C-172S Private Pilot Maneuvers Study Guide

C-172M Private Maneuvers Study Guide

C-150 Private Pilot Maneuvers Study Guide


Commercial Pilot Maneuvers

C-172S Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Study Guide

C-172M Commercial Maneuvers Study Guide

C-150 Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Study Guide

Arrow Commercial Maneuvers Study Guide


Traffic Pattern

C-172S Traffic Pattern

C-150 Traffic Pattern


Additional Training Docs

Radio Communications Handout

Standard Takeoff Briefing

Cross Country Requirements

Instrument Maneuvers


Aircraft POH

Cessna 172S Skyhawk (steam gauge)

Cessna 150 (1967)

Cessna 150 (1973)


Aircraft Checklists

Cessna 172S G1000 Checklist

Cessna 172M Checklist

Cessna 172N Checklist

Cessna 150 N10839 Checklist

Cessna 150 N7186S Checklist

Cessna 150 N1NS Checklist



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