You Can Learn to Fly!

NEWEST & LOWEST Priced Trainers on the Field

Eagle Aircraft Has Been Training Pilots since 1979

….Over 2000 Trained


Flight Hours and What You Should Expect

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Private Pilot Ground School

Jan. 21-March 13, 6:00-8:30pm

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You Can Learn to Fly!

Complex Endorsement Special

This price includes:

5 Hrs in our Piper Arrow (tax included)

plus 8 Hrs with an instructor

and an Arrow Manual.

The course amount will need to be prepaid and must be completed within 1 month of payment.

There will be no refunds or extensions!!

Cessna 150 Hourly Rate

Now only   $129/Hr Retail    $115/Hr Prepaid   $100/Hr Club Rate!

Eagle Aircraft


VA Benefits
Our VA Benefits include Instrument Rating, Commercial Certificate, CFI/CFII and ATP Ground Course!


Would You Like to see our FLIGHT SCHEDULE?

We use Flight Schedule Pro


By signing up for this program, you are able to see which instructors and aircraft are available.  Our company ID is 102927.  For existing Flight Schedule Pro Members, here is a link to log on with Eagle.  For new users, your personal login credentials may be set up at this link.


High School Field Trip Visits

For just $65 per student, your class can:

  • Spend some time with our CFI’s talking about Newton’s Laws of Motion and Bernoulli’s Principle
  • Take a tour of our facility
  • Experience a flight in one of our aircraft.  Each student has a half hour flight time, in the cockpit.
  • Enjoy refreshments
  • Take home a book entitled, “Learn to Fly” along with some amazing memories.

We can fit up to three students per plane and send up several aircraft simultaneously to make your visit more time efficient.  We encourage you to bring your camera to share the experience with parents and the school.  Parent chaperones are also welcome to experience this with their child.



 Call in to schedule time on our simulators!

Precision DCX Max


Elite – only $65/hr including instructor

For more information on our other flight packages, click here!



Cessna Pilot Kits Available Here


Private Pilot Kit

Cessna Instrument Kit


Instrument Kit

Cessna Commercial Pilot Kit


Commercial Pilot Kit

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