You Can Learn to Fly!

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Enjoy a view of Chicago from a skybox seat. One hour touring flight of the best shoreline in the world!

You Can Learn to Fly!


April 26 11am-3pm Spend the day with us enjoying everything aviation!  

  • Lunch provided
  • Cessna Rep, John Arnold will be here to show off a new Cessna aircraft
  • Door Prizes
  • $20 off Headsets(today only)
  • $50 off Cessna kits(today only)
  • 10% off all pilot supplies
  • $89 Discovery Flights!


Every pilot should have a tailwheel endorsement.  It will make a better pilot out of you!

We are offering a class this summer through the month of June to earn a tailwheel endorsement.  Don Thompson will be teaching this course and using his Citibria.

  • Cost is $999
  • Five hour checkout in the Citibria including the instructor
  • Location-Eagle Aircraft-out of Porter County Airport
  • Sign up before May 15.  Call in to get your name on the list.
  • Any additional hrs needed by the student would be $200/hr

VA Benefits
We now have Commercial, Multi-Engine and the ATP Ground course approved by the VA!

Multi Engine Rating Special
How long have you been thinking about getting your Multi Engine Rating?
Get it done with focused training and complete your rating in just 3-5 days.
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High School Field Trip Visits

For just $65 per student, your class can: 

  • Spend some time with our CFI’s talking about Newton’s Laws of Motion and Bernoulli’s Principle
  • Take a tour of our facility
  • Experience a flight in one of our aircraft.  Each student has a half hour flight time, in the cockpit.
  • Enjoy refreshments
  • Take home a book entitled, “Learn to Fly” along with some amazing memories.

We can fit up to three students per plane and send up several aircraft simultaneously to make your visit more time efficient.  We encourage you to bring your camera to share the experience with parents and the school.  Parent chaperones are also welcome to experience this with their child.

Simulator Spot Landing Contest

POSTPONED!  Unfortunately, our simulator crashed during the simulator contest.  We managed to get a few people in.  We are working to resolve the problem.  We have ordered new software.  We will be updating it soon and let you know as soon as we know something.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

For Student Pilots
Accuracy landing contest..whoever lands the closest to the runway threshold without going into the grass wins.
Schedule time with an instructor to practice in the Simulator Room or use our FREE Simulator in the Pilot Room.
Final landings will be February 22nd.

Spot Landing Contest Prizes-
1st Prize -David Clark Headset (value $355)
2nd Prize -One hour Flight Time
3rd Prize -Flight Gear Flight Bag (value $79.95)


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Cessna Pilot Kits Available Here

Commercial                                     Instrument                              Private Pilot


About Our Company
Eagle Aircraft offers a comprehensive flight training program from obtaining your Private through ATP flight training ratings.

Our staff of professional flight instructors has earned a reputation that brings individuals from all over the world just to attend our flight school for their training.

Eagle Aircraft is a Cessna Pilot Center.  The Cessna program is the only integrated flight-training program in existence – flight and ground school lessons are designed by educational experts to work together for maximum retention.

Eagle Aircraft is one of only three FAA Part 141 flight schools in the state of Indiana.  We are also approved for VA benefits and SEVIS approved for International students.  We welcome international students who want to come to the United States to train and will issue an I-20 to students who need an M-1 visa to begin flight training at our facility.  Affordable housing will be arranged for our students.

Contact Eagle Aircraft at 219-464-0132 or send an email to for more information about our international student program.

“You’ve always dreamed of soaring the skies. . . Stop dreaming and start flying today!”